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Recent Media Coverage of The Stewdio, LLC and Post Plus Sound, Inc.

Post Plus Sound is again the featured audio facility in Post Magazine, April 2005 for 5.1 mixing on Fat Actress.

Post Plus Sound was the featured audio facility in the April, 2001 NAB issue of Post Magazine.

bulletJuly 2010 - The Stewdio completes one of our finest productions yet - Last American Cowboy for Animal Planet.
bulletMay 2010 - The Stewdio provides sound design and mixing for 8 programs for Animal Planet and NatGeo called I, Predator.
bulletApril 2009 - Our studios have been upgraded to DigiDesign ProTools version 8.1 for the latest state of the art audio mixing.
bulletMarch 2009 - Post Magazine features Sports Science and Crime 360 for reality show excellence.  Both shows are mixed at PPS.
bulletJanuary 2009 - The Stewdio adds the Cedar DNS3000 Noise Suppression system to provide the cleanest dialogue mixing available.  This is especially useful for reality shows where audio is not recorded as well as it could be.  Also, we added the Sony PMW-EX3 HD XDCam professional camera for rental.
bulletOctober 2008 - Post Plus Sound upgrades to DigiDesign D-Command Mixing Consoles and Genelec digital auto calibrated 5.1 monitors.
bulletSeptember 2008 - Known Universe for  NatGeo is Post Plus Sound's latest sound design and mixing project.
bulletMarch 2008 - Crime360 for A&E is named the highest rated crime show in A&E history.  PPS does the sound design & mixing for Crime360.
bulletPost Plus Sound now does sound design and mixing for Sports Science - Fox Sports' top show.
bulletPost Plus Sound was honored by the Award of Distinction 2007 by the Videographer's Awards for our production of "Something To Smile About."  We produced, wrote, edited, and mixed the 12 minute video for the Children's Foundation for Dental Health which they will use for fund raising.
bulletPost Plus Sound now has Avid Media Composer HD Video Editing with an SDI Mojo, Adobe After Effects CS5,  Illustrator CS5, and Photoshop CS5 with Digibeta, DVCam, DV, and HDV.
bulletPost Plus Sound was again the featured facility in POST Magazine's April 2005 NAB issue for our work on "Fat Actress."
bulletPost Plus Sound is the facility for the new Showtime series "Fat Actress" starring Kirstie Alley.
bulletPromax 2000 - Blaine Stewart wins two of the three sound design and mixing awards given.
bulletAudio Then and Now, Post Magazine, April, 2001 - Post Plus Sound is the featured audio facility.
bulletChris Rock, Bigger and Blacker, HBO & Productions Partners, Nominated in 2000 for Six Emmy's, Mixed by Blaine Stewart
bulletChris Rock, Bring the Pain, HBO & Productions Partners, Winner 1999 Outstanding Music, Variety, or Comedy Special, Mixed by Blaine Stewart

Recent additions and news

bulletThe Stewdio now uses the Source-Connect ProTools plug-in in addition to ISDN for worldwide recording over the internet.
bulletAs we delve deeper into video production and post-production, PPS adds Avid Media Composer HD editing, Adobe After Effects CS5, Photoshop CS5, Illustrator CS5.
bulletThe latest version of Telos Zephyr, the Xstream, installed for ISDN
bulletPost Plus Sound now provides the "standards and practices" sound editing for MGM television and cable releases for their pictures.  This involves removing of offensive language in movies by editing or ADR and matching the dialogue of the movie.