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Video Editing Services

The Stewdio offers professional quality video editing on professional Avid video editing equipment.

We use Avid Media Composer 5.0 HD editing systems, Adobe Photoshop CS5, After Effects CS5, Illustrator CS5 and Adobe Encore CS5 to produce the highest quality professional video experience for your project.  Sony Digibeta, DVCam, DV, and HDV tape machines are used as source and record decks.

Our staff has over 30 years experience in professional video production.

We recently won the Award of Distincion from the Videographer's Awards for "Something To Smile About."  The video was a documentary now used for fund raising by the Foundation for Children's Dental Health.  It was completely shot, editing, and mixed by The Stewdio's Staff.

As a side service, we create family and personal histories, memorial video tapes, family reunion videos, wedding videos or any of your special events.

We take your VHS or digital home videos, 8mm movies, still pictures, or slides and artistically create a special video production for yourself, your family, or an upcoming wedding, reunion or other event.

We can make Blu-Ray HD discs, DVD's, VCD's, or VHS tapes.  All playable in most home standalone players.  Just check-out the sample videos below!!!

Also, we produce printed personal and family histories.  Just record your story to audio tape or write your history by hand or with a word processor.  Collect your photos and select your favorites.  We'll transcribe your narration and set it against your photos and maps in a pleasing book.  Click on the sample below!!!

Contact us using the icon at left or by phone.  We are happy to discuss your project with you.

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The demos below are a small sample of what we can do.  Click on the picture for high speed internet connection viewing.  Click on the Low-Speed Connection line for a low speed (56K modem) connection.

Click the image at left for a video demo of a memorial video for a loved-one.  The original video was about 23 minutes in length and contained approximately 300 images and video segments tastefully edited to suitable music.

Low-Speed Connection


Click the image at left for a wedding video demo.  This project was about 13 minutes long and contained pictures and video of the couple from childhood to marriage.  The SVCD video was played continuously at their reception at church.

Low-Speed Connection


Click the image at left for another wedding video demo.  It is similar to the first but used music and style which reflected the personalities of the couple.

Low-Speed Connection


Click on the image at left to view the ending montage of a one hour, forty-five minute video of family reunions from 1979 to 1995.  It was distributed to family members on DVD and VHS.  It will be played at their next reunion in 2003.

Low-Speed Connection


Click on the image at left for a short taste of the entire family reunion video described above.


Low-Resolution Connection


Click on the image at left for a sample of a few pages from a 50 page personal history.  Over 100 photos and maps accompanied the narrative which was provided on audio tape.